What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your web pages more search engine friendly for the likes of Google and Bing, which improves the visibility of your website. You will find a page that has been optimised and targeted properly will start to rise in search engine search result listings such as those found on Google. These listings are commonly known as 'organic search' results and by improving them you will find that you start to attract more traffic to your website organically i.e. by people finding your website having performed a search query.

Improving Search Engine Ranking

This is done by making sure that the content of your website and pages are relevant to search queries that your target audience may be carrying out. It is always worthwhile to do a bit of Keyword Research into what words and phrases people are actively searching for that relate to your business. As this allows you to target customers that are searching for your services or products more effectively. Google offer some basic guidelines and principles to follow their Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide. It doesn't contain any wizardry or secrets that will get you to #1 on Google overnight but is a good place to start.

How Does a Search Engine Work?

Every search engine uses a form of internet bot commonly referred to as web spiders or internet crawlers. They are always working as it is their job to systematically browse the internet, visiting websites and download the pages. The information contained on the downloaded pages are then indexed by the search engine. The browser will have gone through and indexed thousands, even millions of websites, storing key information about individual pages.

This allows the search engine to respond to a search query with the most relevant information. As a search query is carried out the engine will pull all of the indexed data it has stored and rank them accordingly by relevance, with the most relevant results appearing towards the top.

All of the major search engines use a number of different algorithms to determine how relevant your webpage, videos, images or local listings are to a query that someone has just performed. These look at a whole host of different aspects that can positively or negatively affect how your website performs in organic search results.

Getting the most out of Search Engine Marketing

Interested in learning more about search engine optimisation? Our experts provide a range of SEO Services that can be tailored to suit your needs. We cover all levels of involvement from providing very hands on training so that you can take over the handling of some of the tasks yourself to us doing all of the heavy lifting and keeping you updated. We also run a blog with useful SEO and marketing techniques, tips and suggestions.